Who done it?

Well I have always wanted to start a blog, but as a person who describes herself as someone who is not good with the words! Was never very good at school! This is one of the areas in life where I feel at my least confident. So, if you are looking for a well written technical blog this is not for you. BUT as I’m now in my 50th year and determined to not be scared to take anything on, I would love to share it with whoever is interested. I can promise you that I have a very packed life that always seems to have a story to tell and it usually involves our dogs (we have lots and I will introduce you to them as the weeks go on) my work which involves more dogs as I’m a dog groomer and baking for dogs as we have a doggie deli, The Dog Bowl Deli. To sum it up, the common theme will be DOGS.
SO WERE DO I START, well having a very trendy grown up daughter that likes to read, who has moved to London (to work for a dog food company, you just could not write it) I was in her bedroom. I found a fabulous book called “The sassy way to starting a successful blog when you haven’t got a clue!” Perfect, as it was a lovely day I thought I will sit in the garden with the dogs and have a read but with a million things to do, had to pop into the house to see if my cakes were ready! (that’s another story right there.) I came back out to join some of our little gang and find that one of them has chewed the front page off my book. Unbelievable!

Well, it was as if they saw me coming and shouted to each other to act natural.
Was it Lyla our fantastic retired greyhound? She has the most amazing nature which involves 80% sleeping, 5% rolling on the grass, 5% running and 9% dancing for food but 1% of cheekiness so she cannot be ruled out??
Now Spud, I feel he will feature a lot as he is always up to something and makes me laugh every day! He is always with me but on this occasion, he was guarding the barbeque just in case I decide to cook sausages, which as you will find out is a job he takes very seriously, and I will go into greater detail about this next time. But think with this rules him out as a suspect.
Tilly my daughters Chihuahua who spends most of her time in London but likes to come back up north sometimes to check our doggos are still in line and doing as she says. She is way to sassy to put anything other than dogfood in her mouth. That would be beneath her. So, think she is off the culprits list.
Maneash our Champion Parson Russell Terrier, who my husband describes as a grumpy old lady, who does not like change and demands all our attention. In fact, I would go as far as to say neurotic is the word that describers her best but for all her faults and there are lots, I have never felt so loved by any other dog. I know I am her world, BUT my money is defiantly on her as my book wrecker!
Well it’s been nice talking to you, but I am getting dirty looks of the husband, as he is helping George with curry Monday.  This means George, my 11-year-old makes dinner for us (with a little help) and as it a Bank Holiday, the husband is helping and has made curry with no rice. Who does that??