Why is it always Spud?

So, it’s been a very exciting week! We have sent out our first orders from the launch of our new website, the weather is warm and there are lots of people wanting their doggos groomed so they are more comfortable! BUT also, school holidays which means a child to occupy so also trying to juggle work and family.

Had a great idea for Gareth (the husband) and George (the son) to take Spud for a lovely walk to one of mine a George's favourite places, Rivington Pike. We have had some great adventures here in the gardens and walking to the top of hill were the views are superb!

So off they went with their water bowl for spud and a Chicken Dinner Pie for when they got to the top, automatically assuming Gareth would take drinks and something to eat for them. Silly me!

I heard from Gareth a couple of hours later saying George and Spud were having fun, but it was VERY STEEP, then an hour later saying they were at the top view was great, but do I go a different way normally as it was VERY VERY STEEP!! (how rude!)

They got back a couple of hours later very tired, but happy after their afternoon out, did not see Spud after his walk only for his dinner then he went straight back to bed. This is very strange as he normally always locks up with us and does his quality control test on the sausages.

We had dinner, watched a bit of TV and went up to bed. Now Spud sleeps in our room on an Everton duvet next to my side of the bed, as I got into bed the smell was horrendous, “Oh My God what is that terrible smell” I overreact, “he cannot stay up here smelling like that!” I tell you I have never felt so guilty, Spud looked so embarrassed, I ended up feeling sorry for him and making a fuss of him. I will take him and give him a bath” as this is what I do, and we have a doggy bathroom outside with a dog shower and professional dryer etc. Gareth said “NO NO I'LL DO IT, YOU’VE BEEN IN WORK ALL DAY.” I was so pleased, “oh thank you that’s so nice, are you sure you don’t mind” I say relieved. I tidy our room get into bed put telly on thinking how lucky I am, then I hear Gareth chatting away to Spud In the bathroom, I go and see what is going on and there they are, Gareth and Spud in our shower with Gareth scrubbing him.



We have a dog shower, but I’ll leave them to it I think giggling to myself, then I hear Spud running around, thinking Gareth must be drying him and playing. The noise goes on and on and I am thinking, WHAT ARE THEY DOING? I go to investigate (being a bit nosey) and the noise is coming from Jodie’s (our daughter) room to see Spud drying himself on her bed which was now rotten dirty and wet.


Should have done it myself after all, I now had a bed to change and shower to clean. Then I see Spud’s collar on the bathroom floor caked in what can only be described as Sheep poo, where the smell was coming from. Gareth said “he didn’t smell that bad in the shower and I couldn’t see anything on him” he didn’t need a shower after all!

Why is nothing ever simple! Spud on the other hand had an amazing day and while I was cleaning up, was curled up on his bed fast asleep. IT’S A DOGS LIFE!