+ When will I recieve my order?

We make each product to order to ensure it's as fresh as can be. We aim to have each order out of the door within 24 hours and will be delivered via DPD Next Day so each order should be delivered within 2-3 working days. You will recieve a tracking number from DPD as soon as it has shipped and they'll keep you up to date right up until it arrives at your door.
We're crazy about dogs, absolutely!

+ My dog has allergies, are your treats suitable for my dog?

This totally depends on what ingredients your little one is sensitive to. Our product pages and labels list all of the ingredients that we use in our treats.

+ Why do you use human grade food?

Human grade food is the very best quality and has the most nutritional value. Usually, meat found in dog food and treats is waste that can't go into the human food chain and is heavily processed, greatly reducing it's nutritional content.

+ How much should I feed my dog?

That's a tricky one and it all depends upon your dog's, age, breed and lifestyle. Our treats are designed to be complimentary to your dog's diet.

+ Is your food a complete food?

No, our products are treats and should be fed occasionally in addition to your dogs's usual diet.

+ Are you a big company?

Not at all, we are a small family run business. We have the big dog, Jo who is in charge of creating and producing our wonderful treats and dogsbody, Gareth, who does the paperwork and anything else he is told to do.

+ Where do you make your treats?

Right here! We are licenced by APHA and St Helens Council to produce treats for dogs. We have our own dedicated kitchen and we make our products by hand to order.

+ My dog doesn't need a pie or cake!

Neither do humans! Our treats are designed to be a delicious and alternative way of providing your dog with nutrients and variation that are all part of a balanced diet.

+ Can I give your treats to my puppy?

Yes, these tasty treats are suitable for dogs of all ages in adition to their usual diet. Just be sure to adjust the portion so that it is suitable for their age and size.

+ How long will your treats last?

The shelf life of each product varies and is limited by the fact that there are no additional additives or preservatives added to them. This means that your dog will get the highest nutritional value possible. Storage instructions and expiry dates will be on the label of your product.

+ Can I collect my order?

Absolutely, we love visitors. Come and see us at our dog friendly cafe. You can collect your order and choose freshly made terrific treats in person.In fact due to postage and packaging restrictions there is currently a much wider variety and choice of delicious delicacies in store. Bring your dog along and have a drink and snack.